Student Health Services

The Student Health Services located in Schwitzer Student Center suite 210 houses both the Health & Wellness Center and the Counseling Center.

Both centers work synergistically to provide holistic care; keeping the body, mind and spirit well and to take care to treat each student as an individual.

Health & Wellness Center

Mission Statement and Objectives

It is the university's central mission and purpose to “prepare individuals for effective, responsible, and articulate membership in the complex societies in which they live and serve, and for excellence and leadership in their personal and professional lives.” Concomitant with this mission is that of the Health & Wellness Center to effectively and efficiently offer primary health care and health education services to full-time day students as a means of assisting their continuation, enhancement, or resumption of normal activities. It is a secondary mission to provide, to the extent feasible, those same services to other students and to employees. To achieve these ends, the office has established certain specific objectives. They are:

  1. to provide primary health care in a timely and effective manner;
  2. to increase and promote health education among members of the university community;
  3. to identify, develop and utilize community health care resources and have these accessible to the university community;
  4. to maintain and strive continually to improve communication, observation, and assessment skills and practices; and
  5. with full respect for professional confidentiality: to plan, share and collaborate with other university officials as appropriate to enhance the achievement and well-being of students and other care recipients; being holistic in approach (look at the whole person: mind, body, spirit).

The Health & Wellness Center provides limited medical services to any full-time day and/or health career students to assess and treat medical problems in a timely and cost effective manner. The Nurse Practitioners provide health prevention, education, guidance, and referrals as necessary.

Counseling Center

Mission Statement and Objectives

In keeping with the university and Student Affairs mission, the Counseling Center provides services that will enhance the student's educational, emotional and social development. The Center provides services responsive to the needs of the university community.

The objectives of the Counseling Center are to:

  1. provide short-term individual counseling, psycho-educational, or personal growth groups;
  2. provide crisis intervention, assessment, and referral services;
  3. maintain a system of support and referral for enduring or special needs that individuals may present;
  4. conduct educational seminars, workshops, and training for students, faculty and staff;
  5. provide consultation and medication services to faculty, staff, and students.

The Counseling Center provides counseling to any full-time day student and is a place where one may work on enhancing your personal development as well as addressing issues that may be causing emotional difficulty. The Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling, workshops, consultation, and referral to local agencies.